Types Of Content To Consider In Your Strategy Part II

There are several types of content you can incorporate into your content strategy. One isn’t necessarily better than another. Whether it works for you will depend on execution, your audience, the topic and more. Here are a few you should consider using:

User-generated content. By using your customers’ photos, videos or words (testimonials) to talk about their relationship with your business, you put the spotlight on them and reinforce your brand’s credibility.

White papers. White papers break down complicated information, research, or data, providing expert-level information to help audiences make a decision, understand a topic, or solve a problem.

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E-books. Longer than a blog post but shorter than a novel, e-books allow you to explore a topic at length, all while giving your customers the information they need. Some companies use e-books as an incentive when they sign up for a newsletter or service. They can also be featured on your website for anyone to view.

Podcasts. While written content is very effective, some consumers will not have the time to read it. A podcast is a good option for those whom you want to reach but who may not engage with your written content.

Social media. Social media channels make it easy to connect with your audience. It also gives you a way to distribute or repurpose the content that you have created. Whether you use LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can amplify your message.

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